About Us: Partners Publishing LLC


Giving Back One Book at a Time

Nestled in the heart of the Smoky Mountains, Partners Publishing LLC delivers entertainment and information to a global market through fiction and nonfiction books. Embracing a living-by-giving way of business, the small publishing house gives back to those in need through their Books That Give™ program that helps raise funds for nonprofit organizations.

Since 2007, Partners Publishing LLC has led the way in raising awareness of the health effects of structural molds. The company’s philosophy is to put information in the hands of the people, enabling them to make informed decisions best suited for themselves and their families. Top professionals in the fields of medicine, science and mold inspection and remediation have partnered with the publishing house to ensure that the latest knowledge in science, medicine and technology is available to the researchers and writers at Partners Publishing LLC.

Partners Publishing LLC launched in 2007 with the publication of MOLD: The War Within, a nonfiction book on the health effects of mold and chemical exposures filled with lessons learned from Hurricane Katrina. Dedicated to reducing the number of people adversely affected by structural molds by increasing awareness, the Partners Publishing LLC has consistently disseminated information since its founding to assist victims in areas devastated from natural disasters.

In 2009, the publishing house joined forces with nonprofit organizations, including the National Organization of Remediators and Mold Inspectors (NORMI), to increase awareness of the dangers of mold exposure and ways to avoid harm to health by sharing educational information through publications and community outreach efforts.

In 2013, Partners Publishing LLC formalized its giving-back philosophy by creating the Books That Give™ program. The fundraising program launched with the release of three fictional children’s books in the Super Bouv Series: Ruby and Her New Family, Ruby and Her New Home, and Ruby and Her New Job.
The inception of the Books That Give™ program was born out of the desire to assist people in need, be them victims of natural disasters, veterans, people with health challenges, or rescue animals. Through the fundraising program consumers can contribute to the important work of charitable organizations with each book purchase made at www.BooksThatGive.com. With the help of loyal readers and the nonprofit partners, Partners Publishing LLC assists people in need one book at a time.