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    We want every child to read about Ruby, the Super Bouv. For this reason, we are featuring you—our customer—as the cause to support. For a limited time, you can order all 3 Ruby books for just $9.00 but only while supplies last!Buy Now

Who Are We?

Nestled in the heart of the Smoky Mountains, Partners Publishing LLC delivers entertainment and information to a global market through fiction and nonfiction books. Embracing a living-by-giving way of business, the small publishing house gives back to those in need through their Books That Give™ program that helps raise funds for nonprofit organizations.

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About the Program

The Books That Give™ program is fast, fun and free! Raise funds for your favorite nonprofit organization while bringing joy to a child with the picture books in the Super Bouv Series.

Here’s how the program works. Each time a fiction book from the program is purchased from www.BooksThatGive.com through a partner support button, a 100% of the author’s proceeds as well as a portion of the publisher’s net profit from that sale go to support the receiving nonprofit organization. Whether an organization benefits children, veterans, rescue or service animals, or another deserving group, the Books That Give™ program enables nonprofits to raise the funds they need through supporter-based purchases.

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Speed Art by Maegan Penley

This video clip shows the creation of a scene from Ruby and Her New Family, the first book in the Super Bouv Series. Artist Maegan Penley makes the art process look so easy with her high level of skill, but hours and hours of meticulously detailed work went into creating just this one page.

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