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About Us: Books That Give


Raise Funds while Increasing Literacy

The Books That Give program is fast, fun and free! Raise funds for your favorite nonprofit organization while bringing joy to a child with the picture books in the Super Bouv Series.

Here’s how the program works. Each time a fiction book from the program is purchased from www.BooksThatGive.com through a partner support button, a 100% of the author’s proceeds as well as a portion of the publisher’s net profit from that sale go to support the receiving nonprofit organization. Whether an organization benefits children, veterans, rescue or service animals, or another deserving group, the Books That Give program enables nonprofits to raise the funds they need through supporter-based purchases. An added benefit of raising funds through product sales is that the product itself serves to keep the nonprofit and its needs in the mind of the supporter, which can lead to future direct donations.

There is no question that nonprofit enthusiasts love to support their favorite charity through product purchases, which serves as a great way for nonprofits to augment direct donations. Organizations that have partnered with the Books That Give program include charitable groups such as the American Bouvier Rescue League (ABRL) and the National Organization of Remediators and Mold Inspectors (NORMI).

The Books That Give™ program was founded in 2013 by Mariah Billings, who is the program’s chief technical officer, and Lee Ann Billings, who is one of the program’s contributing authors. The program is managed by Partners Publishing LLC.