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What types of causes does the Books That Give program support?

The Books That Give program supports a wide variety of causes, including those that benefit veterans, victims of natural disasters, people with health challenges, and rescue animals.

What types of nonprofit organizations are best suited for a Books That Give fundraiser?

There are several features of an organization that contribute to a successful Books That GiveTM fundraiser, including the following:
1) a large, active membership or loyal support base,
2) a membership or support base that is already accustomed to supporting their organization through product purchases, such as hats, t-shirts, cups, etc.
3) a direct method of communicating with members, such as e-mail updates, online newsletters, or social media forums
4) regular member- and supporter-attended meetings and gatherings
5) an enthusiast base of volunteers willing to raise funds with products,
6) a mission focused on a book-related theme such as children; respiratory, allergy and asthma conditions; service animals; rescue animals; veterans; and disaster relief, just to name a few.

How does the Books That Give program work?

Each nonprofit partner is assigned an ordering code for their members and supporters to use when they order books from Book sales and the funds generated from each sale are automatically tracked by each organization’s code, which identifies book orders placed to support their organization.

How often are sales-generated funds dispersed to program partners?

Sales-generated funds exceeding the minimum payout are dispersed quarterly.

Is there a cost to a nonprofit organization to partner with the Books That Give program?

There is no cost to nonprofit organizations to participate in an online Books That Give fundraiser. Should a nonprofit organization desire to stock book inventory, a nonprofit purchase price will be arranged.

Is book stock available for events?

Book stock is available for events local to the Knoxville, TN, area. For book stock for nonlocal events, contact Partners Publishing LLC.

How can a book become part of the Books That Give program?

Submit a link to the digital version of the manuscript or book via e-mail or send a hardcopy to Partners Publishing LLC.

Is Books That Give a nonprofit organization?

Books That Give is not a nonprofit organization. It is a program offered by Partners Publishing LLC designed to assist nonprofit organizations raise funds to support their causes.