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Ruby Helps the ABRL Rescue Fellow Bouvs

To help support the valuable work of the American Bouvier Rescue League, please enter the coupon code "ABRL" at checkout.

What are ABRL members saying about the Super Bouv Series?


I thought they were adorable. So much so that instead of sending my first set to my grandchildren, I ordered another set for them and kept mine! The characters are great and Ruby is a star. The kids loved them and practically have them memorized already! --Robin Visceglia


Our five-year-old granddaughter loves the books, especially the illustrations. And the storyline is a great lesson for kids to learn. Kids need to read books and this series will capture their attention. --Richard Adams


The Three Book  Bundle


Receive 10% off when you purchase all three of the 32-page hardcover books in the Super Bouv Series.


Here's what Sarah Cheek, a Tenn. teacher, thinks about the books in the Super Bouv Series:


Ruby and Her New Family...A warm and caring story about an adorable dog's journey to find a forever home. This engaging story teaches patience, perseverance, and acceptance.


Ruby and Her New Home...Ruby's exciting journey continues as she adjusts to life with her new family. My kindergarteners loved seeing this brave dog come to the rescue of her beloved family in their time of need.


Ruby and Her New Job...Ruby's bond with her family grows stronger as she earns an important new job. A great book to teach responsibility!




 If You've Been Exposed to Mold,

You Need this Book...

MOLD: The War Within

by Kurt and Lee Ann Billings

"This is the most important book written on the subject of mold in the last 20 years," states national TV host Doug Kaufmann, who has written multiple books on the subject himself.


What are other mold experts saying about MOLD: The War Within?


• Dr. Joseph Mercola says it is "one excellent resource..."

• Dr. Mary Ray says it is "a must-read for anyone exposed to toxic mold."

• Dr. Doris Rapp says, "It is all there, in this outstanding book."



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